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            Establish Educational Cooperation with The Belt and Road Countries, Breakthrough in the Cooperation Between USY and Sri Lanka Horizon Campus

            2018/11/15 15:03:44

            At the beginning of new semester, we have accomplished new progress in the collaboration with universities of countries along The Belt and Road. From September 24th to 25th, Daranagama Arachchige Upul Priyasaman,President of Sri Lanka Horizon Campus, Hemachandra Lilaknath Obeyesekera, Dean of Bussiness and Science of Sri Lanka Horizon Campus paid visits to our University on invitation.



            The Conference


            President. Lu Dan met with the delegation during the visit. President. Lu Dan expressed warm welcome to the guests coming from afar. He said, the friendship between China and Sri Lanka has a long history and he believes that the visit of President. Daranagama Arachchige Upul Priyasaman,President of Sri Lanka Horizon Campus and his delegation will open a new chapter in cooperation and exchange between Sanya University and universities in South Asia. President. Daranagama Arachchige Upul Priyasaman, President of Sri Lanka Horizon Campus appreciated the kind invitation of Sanya University. He is impressed by and deeply admires for the educational philosophy, management modes, beautiful environment and modern educational facilities that our school owns. Therefore,he increasingly strengthens his confidence and determination to establish the long-term, stable and practical cooperative partnership. Further, President.Daranagama Arachchige Upul Priyasaman,President of Sri Lanka Horizon Campus formally invited President Lu Dan to head a delegation and pay a return visit early next year. They will also assist our school to launch promotional activities and encourage more Sri Lankan students to come to Sanya University for learning and exchange programs.


            Following the meeting, both sides signed three MOU, that is Inter-University Cooperation Memorandum, Silk Road Business School Cooperation Memorandum and Research Center for Public Diplomacy of Sanya University and International Relations and Public Policy Center for Horizon College of Business and Technology Cooperation Memorandum.


            Success to Sign Cooperation Memorandum Between Both Universities


            Vice-President. Zoe Che held working talks with visiting guests and had an in-depth exchange of views on the main picture, as well as specific measures and fields of cooperation and exchange. Two parties reached a consensus on students and teachers exchange. Representatives of Silk Road Business School, Management School and Foreign Language School participated in talks.

            President.Daranagama Arachchige Upul Priyasaman, President of Sri Lanka Horizon Campus and his delegation exuberantly visited schooling places, such as Reception Room, Student Service Center, International Hotel Training Center, Shushan Library, Laboratory of the Technology College, newly established SAXO Technological Business School and so on. They also interacted with teachers and students from Silk Road Business School. President.Daranagama Arachchige Upul Priyasaman,President of Sri Lanka Horizon Campus expressed that this visit is a complete success and he will facilitate the implementation of several exchanges and co-operations with Sanya University upon his return, to make strategic partnership develop sustainably.



            Daranagama Arachchige Upul Priyasaman,President of Sri Lanka Horizon Campus and His Delegation Visited Schooling Places


            Sri Lanka Horizon Company was established in 2000. As an education provider group, they provide ‘one stop’ education from preschool, primary school, middle school to vocational training, undergraduate degree and postgraduate degree. They have 8 campuses in Sri Lanka with over 4000 students enrolled at present. Its higher education segment - Horizon College of Business and Technology is a private college with qualification accredited by Sri Lankan Ministry of Higher Education and University Qualification Committee to provide undergraduate and postgraduate education. At present, their faculties and departments include Business Administration, Finance and Accounting, Information Technology, Science and Engineering (Biotechnology), Education, Law and Foreign Language, in addition, with a plan to cover Medicine, Tourism Management, Hotel Management and so on. Its total number of undergraduates and postgraduates now exceeds 2000. The college also has international cooperation with University of London, University of Arkansas, Nilai University and so on.


            Interaction between President.Daranagama Arachchige Upul Priyasaman,President of Sri Lanka Horizon Campus and the teachers and students of Silk Road Business School


            Sri Lanka is geographically the strategic pivot of South Asian Maritime Silk Road. Following the emphasis on the cooperation with universities in Central Asia and Southeast Asia regions, this long term strategic partnership reached an signed by two parties, is another breakthrough in the cooperation with universities in South Asian countries. Our school has achieved this under the framework of opening up the cooperation with universities in countries along The Belt and Road and this has a profound and long-lasting significance in our school’s role in actively establishing and boosting international cooperation and communication in education with countries along The Belt and Road.

            (International Department)


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